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Bike Components

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About Bike Components at evo:

Bikes are complicated machines made up of lots of parts and pieces. In the bike world, these parts are called components. Components come together to make your bike what it is. Each bike component plays a part, everything from tires to handlebars and brakes. We stock a wide range of bike parts so that you can upgrade your ride, or keep it up and running when parts need replacing.

Avid cyclists love to geek out about these details, mixing and matching different bike components to customize their ride. Not all components play together, however, as there are different standards for different types of bikes and different types of riding. If you have any questions about our selection of bike components, reach out to our customer care team who can answer all of your questions!

We are a full online bike shop with everything from mountain bikes to clothing and accessories - shop all things bike at evo.
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