Portland Surfboard Repairs

Portland Surfboard Repairs

About evo's Portland Surfboard Repairs:

If you are in the Portland, OR area you can bring your surfboard into our Portland store to get it worked on. Below is a list of the services we offer and prices. Give us a call at 503.972.5850 or just stop on by with your surfboard. 

Everyone dings a surfboard at some point. If you suspect you’ve damaged your surfboard, whatever you do, don’t keep surfing on it or it will end up a soupy sponge and be ruined. As soon as you notice that your glass is compromised, or you suspect that water might be leaking into the foam, bring it to evo and we will take a look so you can be back on the water in no time.

Surfboard Ding Repairs:

Ding Repair $25.00+ Starting repair price is $25.00 and up.
  $10.00 Per square inch above 2 inches.
  $10.00 Foam replacement on rails.

Surfboard Fin Box Repairs:

Fin Box Repair $65.00 Futures fin box replacement .
  $45.00 FCS fin plug (or $75 to do both plugs)

Surfboard Leash Plug Repairs:

Leash Repair $40.00 Remove and replace plug.

Surfboard Nose and/or Tail Damage:

Nose Damage $25.00+ $25.00 per inch, 1' or closer
Tail Damage $25.00+ $25.00 per inch, 1' or closer

Surfboard Delamination/Buckles Repairs:

Delamination/Buckles Estimate Call us for an estimate: (503) 972-5850

Surfboard Epoxy:

Epoxy $10.00+ Call us for an estimate: (503) 972-5850