Ronix Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013

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Ronix - Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013Ronix - Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013Ronix - Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013Ronix - Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013Ronix - Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013Ronix - Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013Ronix - Parks Modello Wakeboard + Parks Bindings 2013
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Parks Modello Wakeboard 2013

The Ronix Parks Modello Wakeboard is designed and ridden by hands down the biggest name in wakeboarding, Parks Bonifay. Parks Bonifay has done more on the water before most of us even started school. The legend is, Parks started riding wakes at 6 months and was probably doing flips at 9 months. He's the youngest rider to win the Summer X Games and winner of every major award or contest you can probably think of. Besides being one of the most decorated riders, Parks Bonifay is also extremely knowledgeable about hydrodynamics and how to apply that knowledge to create some of the best wakeboards on the market. The Ronix Parks Modello is a board with a less is more rockerline, a super sized sweet spot, and a huge amount of surface area, creating a board that is meant for flight. It's the easiest riding signature board, with hard edges so it will ride longer. The Parks Modello allows rider to leave wakes with less work from the added top water speed. This is the fastest, most stable, easy to ride board that the gnarliest rider has ever endorsed.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Blended RockerBy blending the best of a 3-stage board together with the best of a continuously rockered board, Ronix has created a rocker line that's smooth and fast yet, still launches riders off of the wake.

Glide SpeedMore water surface contact and less coefficient drag have forever changed the way we look at arcs in a board. Now a rider has the least amount of resistance, travels up the wake with more forward momentum, and lands with less impact. The lift comes from an easier release and the added speed.


Wide ProfileWith this much surface area, Ronix balanced it out with more sidecut for the right amount of effective edge in the water.

Thinner ProfileCreates more overall energy and added rebound off the wake and softer landings


Krypto CableCombined with Ronix's monocoque laminated glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board.

Center Variable WdgeA sharper rail and a softer bevel create a controlled accelerated edge transfer with a forgiving bottom design.

Tip/Tail Variable EdgeAn even more vertical rail allows the end of the board to ride higher on the water and prevents the board from burying the edge on big cuts with a sharper bevel for quicker response into a turn.


Parallel CarbonA livelier construction that also helps maintain the intended rockerline off the peak and landings.

Mod PourA demanding alternative foam made from Ronix's exclusive blend of materials, this core has the highest strength to weight ratio Ronix has ever tested, setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam in the market.

Monocoque ConstructionA wrapped glass from the top to the bottom means the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board and is now the strongest.


Magic CarpetRonix's secret formula of fiberglass materials woven together to allow just enough resin to bleed through and adhere to the core.


Clean Bottom DesignThe board lands with more natural forward momentum allowing Ronix to use cleaner bottoms.


Utility FinsThese go-anywhere, do-anything fins are just as happy carving on glassy mornings as they are getting bashed on rails during afternoon cable park sessions.

Additional Features

M6 Metric InsertsThe Euros have it figured out. A higher thread count means more hold at a shallower depth, so now we can go to thinner profiled boards with a shorter insert without sacrificing boot lock down. The result is boards with more feel and contact on the water.

A collection inspired by the marvels of our galaxy

Parks Bonifay approved


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Rocker Type: Three-Stage Hybrid
  • Core Material: Carbon Fiber, Foam
  • Base Type: Standard Base
  • Fins: 4 Utility Fins
  • Athletes: Parks Bonifay
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Core Construction: Carbon/Foam/Monocoque
Size (cm) 134 139 144
Rocker Size (in) 2.4 2.4 2.6
Rocker Size (cm) 6.096 6.096 6.6
Waist Width (in) 17 17.3 17.6
Waist Width (cm) 43.18 43.942 44.704
Rider Weight (lbs) <175 160+ 180+


Parks Wakeboard Bindings 2013

Parks Bonifay is arguably one of the biggest names in wakeboarding. He has single handidly pushed the sport to new levels that were at one time never thought possible. The Ronix Parks Wakeboard Bindings are Ronix s softest density liner and are also perforated, making for the most mobility of all the high end boots in the Ronix line.

Product Details


6/10 Flex RatingPerfect for those who like a little softer boot but still demand superior response and support

Articulating CuffThe boot flexes with the rider without boot distortion.


Double Last FitA double down bet that requires no luck: Ronix has perfected this process over the years to guarantee the best fitting boots on the water. Ronix's low profile and compact lasts eliminate excess material and deliver optimal energy transfer between board and boot.

Made from Ronix's perfect lasts - wakeboard specific

Removable J-bars customize your heel pocket

Silicon ink in heel area for greater hold down

Liner & Lacing

Ronix Intuition FoamGenuine Intuition foam begins with only the highest quality raw materials. Stringent procedural controls are followed during manufacturing to ensure a consistently superior foam. The unique processing techniques employed produce a foam that has an unusually fine cell structure, which is very uniform throughout. As a result, tear strength, thermoforming properties of heat moldable foam (Intuition liners), and the pack out resistance (Intuition, Stage 1 and 2 liners) are dramatically improved versus traditional foam. There is also no filler added to these foams so Ronix can maintain the utmost quality.

Double Stuff FootbedHard on the outside, soft on the inside - an underfoot combination rivaling milk and cookies. The double stuff footbed allows your foot to naturally cant inward without dictating a specific cant angle.

Ronix's softest density liner is also perforated offering the most mobility in a high-end boot

New double X lacingImproved wear resistance and tensile strength

Additional Features

Duratech LeatherBuilt to withstand the test of time, this new material is 4 times more abrasion resistant than traditional materials. It's applied to the tongue to prevent the laces from cutting and slowing long term wear and tear.

Ridden by Parks Bonify


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Binding Style: Closed Toe
  • Athletes: Parks Bonifay
  • Warranty: 1 Year