Wake sports continue to evolve at a furious pace. This season, evo is stoked to introduce you to new brands, new boards and an even greater selection of wakesurf specific products. With new brands Lib Tech, Doomswell and iDol Surf making a splash, and the emergence of wakefoiling as a rapidly developing concept behind the boat, there is plenty to be stoked about. More kids' boards, surf-specific vests and a half dozen wake shaper options ensure your boat is tricked out for this upcoming warm weather season!


Wakesurf boards span a wide array of shapes to accommodate different riding styles and ability levels. Remember that board volume and size are also super dependent on your boat's wake. Board shapes vary greatly in length, shape and volume and are heavily influenced by the ocean surf and skimboard worlds, which is why boards generally fall into one of these 3 categories:
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Ever since the Air Chair introduced the world to the possibilities of a foil-driven water vessel back in 1990, the engineering brains of watersports enthusiasts have been running wild. After years of prototyping and tweaking, wakefoiling has emerged as one of the most exciting new activities behind a boat -- like literally any boat! Without the need for a massive wake, wakefoiling is a viable option for just about anyone. And with a low-friction mast that elevates your riding platform up off the water, you can still have a blast in choppy or scoured waters, too. Whether you're looking to go out for a floaty surf set or strap in for an entirely new type of wakeboarding, the quickly evolving world of foiling adds versatility and fun to your boat! For more on foiling, checkout the video from our friends at Slingshot, below:

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