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Rally the crew because right now is the best time to get on a wakesurf board. You can find a board to match to any riding style and trust it to be built to last and refined for the ride. Larger boards and smarter boat accessories help everyone to get up on the wake and to have fun easier than ever before. Beginner surfers or folks with a boat that makes a smaller wake, now is the time to move from just dreaming to just surfing. We have everything you need to get dialed for this summer.



2019 Wakesurf Trends

In 2019, bigger boards open the sport to more people and make life on the water easier than ever before - even for bigger riders and boat owners who are throwing a smaller wake. New options with removable straps bring a whole new dimension of riding possibilities. People are throwing airs easily, with some pro riders flipping and spinning sevens behind the boat. The availability of different fin types makes it easy to customize the feel of your board so you can create your own juicy sweet spot.

New Boards for 2019

Shop below our favorite new and improved boards that get us stoked here at evo. You can't go wrong with these killer wakesurf boards from brands at the top of their game.

Ballast & Boat Accessories

Not all boat wakes are equally rad. Even on a brand new wakesurf specific boat, you may need to add ballast in certain areas for the best performance. Adding ballast or a wake shaper can clean up a wave and turn that white wash into a clean break. Check out our guide at the bottom of the page for more specifics on how to dial in your wave.

Wake Accessories

Get rid of that faded personal flotation device (PFD) or beat up rope. We have a great selection of both coast guard approved (CGA) and non-CGA jackets to suit your needs, as well as quality ropes for wakeboard or wakesurf. Having fresh safety gear and a backup rope helps you keep the fun coming and the riders happy. Travelling to a destination or just down the street to the cable park? Make it a lot more convenient with a wakeboard or wakesurf bag.