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There are few things better than a post-powder day burrito session. The clink of one more Mexican beer, knowingly overdoing it on nachos, all while reminiscing about the day's slashes and crashes: these goals are more than sufficient, they're all we could really hope for in life. 

Some meals are better than others though. Last year, when evo hosted a stoked crew from Burton at the burrito spot up the street from our Seattle store, the table got to talking. Talking about what our ideal snowboard would look like, how it would ride, and who we saw riding it. Nobody remembers who picked up the tab, but when we spilled out onto the sidewalk that night we'd agreed to make that dream board together. The evo x Burton Family Tree Super Bueno was born, and it was worth the heartburn.
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We've been proud to sell Burton products since Day 1. Their way of doing things has always clicked with our core tenets, being authentic, reliable, progressive, and stylish. Burton has seen snowboarding through good days and bad, and they've always stayed true to capital letter-S Snowboarding: we appreciate and admire the dedication Burton has maintained to growing the sport, and we're honored to be given the chance to collaborate with them on a board.


To design and produce the Super Bueno, evo was invited into Craig's. Named for Craig Kelly, Burton uses this high-end R&D facility to produce all their test boards, along with a limited number of boards available to the shredding public at large, their Family Tree series. Steeped in tradition and overflowing with experience, the boards that come out of Craig's are second to none, built with premium materials and deft hands (much like our favorite burritos).

The Board

The evo X Burton Family Tree Super Bueno rips in all snow conditions, from fair to middling to unreal with double guac. A daily driver designed to be a season-long shredder, it's not a pow board and it's not a park board, it's a snow board. It features Burton's Super Fly II 700G core, imbued with directional camber and 5mm taper, so it won't hold you back when you're stacking memories for the impending burrito session. We remain unconvinced that snow has any opinion on who's sliding on it, so the Super Bueno comes in bigger (159cm) and smaller (149cm). This limited run is only available at evo.

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