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Even though the bicycle has been around for well over a century, the greatest invention is in a state of constant evolution. The past decade has seen improvements in drivetrains, versatility, and functionality that have made mountain biking better than we could have ever imagined. As we experience a boom in trailbuilding and improved access, our bikes have grown too. 2019’s new models are more capable, more durable, and somehow more fun each and every day. We’ve chosen five that stand out in this new golden age. 

Santa Cruz Bronson

Constantly in search of uncomfortable situations, the Santa Cruz Bronson is a true workhorse. With 27.5” wheels and 150mm of root-gobbling VPP travel, this is a bike that’s most at home charging blind down rough trails you’ve only heard about. A perennial favorite of gravity-focused rippers, this year’s redesign sees the shock repositioned lower for a stiffer, more planted rear end.

Juliana Furtado

We don’t want to kill all quivers—collecting gear is fun--but there’s definitely something to be said for getting that one bike to rule them all. The Furtado is a quick and capable XC bike, a solid trail machine, and able to dominate terrain that will have you checking to confirm there are only 130mm of travel underneath you. Don’t get a bike that collects dust, get one that collects dirt!

Evil Offering

Somewhere between Evil’s big boy Wreckoning and their short travel Following lies the Offering, a 140mm 29er that absolutely slays trails. Long and low but with the ability to climb all day, the Offering is a trail bike that can jump, a 140mm bike you can sling around tight berms and pick your way through techy bits. With Evil’s signature ride feel and attitude, the Offering is just plain fast all over.

Transition Sentinel

As slacked-out long travel 29ers go, there’s none more fun than the Sentinel. It burns up fire road climbs and dissects tricky pitches with the traction you’d expect from wagon wheels, but has none of the purported sluggishness the little wheel crowd worries about. When it’s steep, there’s no bike like the Sentinel: this beast will have you braking later, railing harder, and going faster than you ever imagined.

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Devinci Spartan 29

Enduro can be a confusing term these days, but the race-ready Spartan 29 goes with the classic Euro definition: arduous climbs followed by blazing descents on gnarly trails. Again and again. With 165mm of rear travel, this is a 29er with incredible lateral stiffness and a short rear end, making it agile yet stable. And to top it all off it has the undeniable Devinci style. Beautiful and deadly.


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