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Whether you're on dawn patrol, enjoying a backcountry hut trip with friends or simply taking advantage of your local resort's uphill skiing policy, touring is a great way to get outside, put in some cardio and have a ton of fun on the ride down. As the popularity of backcountry skiing and splitboarding grows, so does the availability of quality gear. From fast and light peak bagging springtime setups to deep winter sled shredding, we stock a wide range of products to make your next adventure an unforgettable one. Long spring days mean there's more time to ride, so pack smart and enjoy the encore.

Outerwear, Layering & Accessories

Backcountry preparedness is the key to your safety and success, so having the right layers and accessories is essential. From super waterproof and packable weather protection to warm and breathable midlayers, being able to control your warmth, to wick away moisture to keep dry, and to dump heat to cool off quickly is key. Unlike your regular street puffy, that puffy you carried up in your pack or on your back needs to be super warm, breathable, and pack down small so you can fit the rest of your gear, too. Your jacket and pants need to move with you, while maintaining a high level of breathability and waterproofing. Depending on the weather, the right combination of eye and hand protection can make all the difference, too. Shop our collection of backcountry approved outerwear, layers and accessories below.

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Ski Touring

Pick your own adventure - that's the theme for this season's alpine touring highlight. With more boot options than ever before and the innovative Salomon Shift bindings further blurring the lines between inbounds and out of bounds setups, it's easier than ever to get a taste of the backcountry.

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Snowboard brands are making more splitboard models than ever before, available in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and purposes. From camber-dominant chargers to snow-surf inspired designs, evo alone carries more than 30 different unique models. All these shapes, along with the greater availability of pre-cut skins and more refined, durable, and lighter-weight bindings make it easy to get out there and find your own line this spring--whatever your riding style.

Splitboarding Collection



Backcountry Safety

Several new beacon options and lighter, easier to operate avalanche airbags highlight this year’s batch of new backcountry safety gear. But none of this stuff works without a partner and the knowledge to use it properly. Having the gear is only half of the equation. Knowing how to use it, how to analyze terrain and snowpack, and which resources to check prior to departure is the other half. For starters, we'd recommend taking an avalanche awareness class (offered for free throughout the winter at evo Seattle, evo Portland, and evo Denver locations). Follow that up with an AIARE Level 1 course, and regularly practice using your avalanche rescue tools with the people you'll be touring with. And finally, get out there and explore! To help you "know before you go," we've rounded up top gear picks along with a number of useful resources including upcoming clinics, evoTrips, and free avalanche awareness classes for riders of all levels.

Backcountry Safety Collection
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Looking for more educational resources? Check out evo's extensive list of Backcountry Guides below and bookmark these handy avalanche centers and resources -- both the evoCollective and evoCrew visit them on a regular basis:

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Looking to get started with some backcountry skiing or snowboarding this winter? Start with our free avalanche awareness classes in Seattle, Portland, and Denver evo stores in conjunction with the Northwest Avalanche Center and the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Consult your local store calendar below.