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Snowboarding has burst from the confines of chairlift access, with splitboards being the choice for most riders searching for new terrain, solitude, or a change of pace. Over the past decade, splitboarding has provided a stoke injection that combines the pioneer spirit of the 80s with clever technology and backcountry knowhow. As the gear has improved, the number of splitters has boomed, and luckily--there's plenty of room for everyone out there. 

Splitboards offer the same variety as their inbounds counterparts. Shapes range from aggressive and stiff all-mountain boards that would be right at home next to climbing harnesses and ice axes to short'n'wide volume-shifted boards made for mellower pow runs and good clean fun.

Whether you're motivated to conquer an objective, looking for some hippy turns, or just taking a breath and a walk in the woods, there's a splitboard setup for you in 2020.

Our 2020 Splitboard Picks

The splitboard landscape is always expanding, with a plethora of choices added every season. The diversity we're seeing in shapes, flexes, and women's boards is an exciting development, one we can't see slowing down anytime soon. 2020 is ripe with board options for riders of all levels. 

Splitboard Bindings

Gone are the days of DIY setups with heavy bindings on even heavier slider plates that put you two inches above your splitboard deck. Don't recognize any of those references?--count yourself lucky. Splitboarding bindings are the key to a good day in the backcountry. They must be durable and dependable, and it's nice if they're lightweight and comfortable. Luckily, there are a few products that tick all these boxes. Here are a few of our favorites.
Splitboarding is the return to snowboarding's past, but it's a curious past that didn't really exist. It's simultaneously old and new, a wonderful combination of innovation, spirit, and fun. Check out Arbor's HOME, a great look at how splitboarding fits into the sport: