Ain't no school like the old school except, of course, when the old school becomes the new school... Packing modern luxuries and technologies discretely beneath retro aesthetics, this season's hottest goggles are highlighted by the undeniable resurgence of flat, cylindrical lenses, nostalgic colorways, and gluten-free construction methods. Unlike the OG hater blockers that inspired them, this new wave of cylindrical lens goggles offers hugely improved optical clarity across a wider range of light conditions (a previous drawback of cylindrical-style lens construction), more comfortable face foams and much better fog-fighting ventilation.
2018 Goggles
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Ever feel like a video game character when you put on your ski or snowboard helmet? Us too, and while Halo's Master Chief is cool and all, sometimes helmets are just a little too much with their aggro brims, angular vents and futuristic designs. Fortunately, many brands are dialing back the intensity this year and opting instead for clean lines and excellent comfort and protection. Also noteworthy is the continually rising popularity of MIPS technology -- an integrated helmet slip-plane liner that reduces the rotational forces caused by the angled impacts of common snowsport crashes.
2018 Helmets
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You've seen 'em on the hands of lifties, ski patrollers and grizzled mountain dwellers alike. Their raw leather construction discolored by the Sno-Seal wax in which they're routinely caked. These are the folks who are constantly exposed to the pitiless elements and, as you might expect, the folks we (and many of today's leading brands) look to when searching for inspiration regarding reliable, hard-working gloves. As such, a significant surge in workwear-inspired styles as well as sleeker, lower profile fits is in the works. In the past, warm hands were the result of substantial insulation and bulkiness was an unavoidable byproduct. Today, however, highly efficient synthetic insulators like PrimaLoft® and Thinsulate™ are quickly shifting that narrative. Retire those bulky and held-together-by-duct-tape gauntlets and experience a newfound freedom with our favorite styles for the 2017/2018 season below.
2018 Gloves & Mittens
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(noun | 'oh-yew-kee')

The perpetual powder skiing that's fixated Japan at the forefront of every skier and snowboarder's mind is also the driving force behind up-and-coming Japanese brand, Oyuki. Known for their production of authentic, hard wearing, and beautifully simplistic winter goods, Oyuki is debuting their line of high-end gloves and mitts in North America, exclusively through evo.

Not only are all their products designed and tested in one of the coldest and snowiest places on earth -- Niseko, Japan -- but they're also one of the smallest brands to ever receive the stamp of approval from Gore. By leveraging premium materials like GORE-TEX® membranes, goatskin leather, Woolmark™ Austrailian merino wool, and PrimaLoft® Gold insulation, Oyuki's hand havens help skiers and snowboarders smash pow in absolute comfort.
Oyuki Gloves & Mittens
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While the boards we slide on and outerwear we don garner much of our attention, we all know a day in the mountains can quickly turn south if you don't have the little details dialed. Whether it's having the proper bag or backpack to haul your stuff from garage to car, car to lodge, lodge to lifts, or lifts to backcountry; a face-shielding balaclava to protect your mug from the onslaught of icy needles in an unexpected blizzard (and also to look like a ninja, because let's be honest, ninjas are tight); or a warm, swaggy beanie to hide that messy mop... Check out this year's hottest new snow accessories and make sure you're not caught unprepared by the storm!
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