Born in San Francisco, Dash Longe and his twin brother Hunter spent their childhood growing up in and around Lake Tahoe. Named after the Maltese Falcon author Dashiell Hammett, Dash comes from a very cultured and artistic family. His brother now an accomplished artist, his parents have moved back to the Bay as teachers and Dash has traveled the world all over Europe and South America while skiing and filming with TGR. Dash is undoubtably one of the smoothest skier out and in the early stages of his career everyone was pushing the limits of what could be done Dash was putting style first. It was more a focus on being well rounded, spinning both ways, forward or switch and being able to do it with an assortment of grabs. Dash now spends most of his time skiing deep snow and taking his bag of tricks into the BC. Dash has competed in two Red Bull Cold Rush contests where he took 3rd over all 2 years at Rettalack ago and took top honors on the Big Mountain venue and 4th overall in Silverton this year. You can keep up with Dash on Twitter @DashLonge and on Instagram @Dlonge