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Where are you from?
Shoreline, WA

Ski or Snowboard?

Favorite Movie?
Hook. Lost boys for life. RIP Robin Williams

Best Instagram account to follow?
@jerryoftheday and @kookslams. Hours and hours and hours and hours of gems

Have you ever been starstruck?
Yes, 100%. One time when I was down in LA I met Kanye West on the street buying a ton of magazines. This was in his angrier days and I was a bit nervous to say anything, I took a deep breath though and asked if I could get a pic with him. He said yes and we took a snap. He looked kinda bugged though... I looked stoked.

Favorite food?
It's a toss up really. Pizza or burritos. Burritos are just so good. You got everything in there, and if you don't, just put whatever is missing in there next time! It's handheld, portable, full of deliciousness. What more do you need? And pizza... well pizza needs no introduction, it's pizza.