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what brought you to evo?
I was raised off-grid with the exception of going to public school down the road from our house, so, the outdoors have always been my thing. Growing up in the foothills of Rainier will do that to you. My background is originally in mountaineering but I'm passionate about climbing, cycling, skiing, surfing, swimming, and basically anything that gets me out of my house. If I'm at home, you'll likely find me hanging out with my cat, whose name is Zeppelin.

what do you do for evo?
I'm in customer care, so if you need help with something, you may end up talking to me if you call our toll-free. I also analyze fraudulent transactions, so if you're trying to buy things with someone else's money, I'm probably gonna find out about it.

what does evo do for you?
evo allows me to work closely with a unique network of people from all over the continent. We have the strongest team I've ever met, and I couldn't be more stoked to be a part of it. evo is comprised of passionate, hardworking individuals who still love to get down and dirty with the same gear we're putting customers on.

where would you rather be?
If I could work from the desert, I would. I think I was a lizard in a past life.