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Yes. Snowboard Size Chart

Women's Yes. Snowboard Size Chart
Kids' Yes. Snowboard Size Chart

YES. Snowboard Size Chart - 2016

 Board Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs) Waist Width (mm) Boot Size (US Men's)
Pick Your Line156130-1702507-9
Pick Your Line159145-1852537-9
Pick Your Line160 Wide150-1902609.5-11+
Pick Your Line162155-1952557-9
Pick Your Line165170-2102587-9
The Standard152125-1652487-9
The Standard154135-1752497-9
The Standard156135-1752507-9
The Standard156 Wide145-1852569.5-11
The Standard158145-1852527-9
The Standard159 Wide155-2002589.5-11
The Greats152125-1652477-9
The Greats154135-1752497-9
The Greats156135-1752517-9
The Greats158145-1852539.5-11
The 420148135-2102867+
The 420152145-220+2867+
The Ghost by TDF154135-1752497-9
The Ghost by TDF156140-1802507-9
The Ghost by TDF158145-1852527-9
The Jackpot149125-1652487-9
The Jackpot152135-1752507-9
The Jackpot154140-1802519.5-11
The Jackpot156145-1852529.5-11
The Jackpot156 Wide150-1902589.5-11
The Jackpot158150-1902549.5-11
The Basic146105-1452477-9
The Basic149110-1502487-9
The Basic152125-1652507-9
The Basic155135-1752517-9
The Basic156 Wide145-1852599.5-11
The Basic158150-1902539.5-11
The Basic159 Wide160-20026111+
The Basic161170-2102549.5-11
The Public148110-1502487-9
The Public151125-1652517-9
The Public154145-1852549.5-11
The Clark155100-1803257+
The 20/20146125-1852747+
The 20/20150140-2002787+