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Women's GNU Snowboard Size Chart

GNU Women's Snowboard Size Chart - 2015

BoardSize (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US)
B-Pro C3 BTX14370-1402355-9
B-Pro C3 BTX14680-1502385-9
B-Pro C3 BTX14990-1602425-9
B-Pro C3 BTX152100-1802445-9
B-Pro C3 BTX155110-2102489.5-11
Beauty DC3 BTX14990-1702425-9
Beauty DC3 BTX15295-1802455-9
Beauty DC3 BTX Split14990-1702425-9
Beauty DC3 BTX Split15295-1802455-9
Ladies SMART Pickle PBTX14070-1402385-9
Ladies SMART Pickle PBTX14480-1602405-9
Ladies SMART Pickle PBTX14890-1702425-9
Ladies SMART Pickle PBTX152100-1802445-9
Ladies Choice A.S.S. EC2 Pickle PBTX145.560-1402405-9
Ladies Choice A.S.S. EC2 Pickle PBTX148.580-1602425-9
Ladies Choice A.S.S. EC2 Pickle PBTX151.590-1802445-9
Ladies Choice A.S.S. EC2 Pickle PBTX153.590-1802445-9
Ladies Gateway PBTX 14160-1302375-9
Ladies Gateway PBTX 14380-1602415-9
Ladies Gateway PBTX 14680-1602425-9
Ladies Gateway PBTX 14990-1802435-9
Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX13940-1202265-9
Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX14350-1402355-9
Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX14760-1502395-9
Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX15070-1602395-9
Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX15380-1702415-9
B Nice BTX (Flight)13940-1202265-9
B Nice BTX (Flight)14260-1302345-9
B Nice BTX (Flight)14570-1402375-9
B Nice BTX (Flight)14890-1602385-9
B Nice BTX (Flight)15190-1802405-9
B Nice BTX (Flight)154100-2102455-9
B Nice BTX (Pattern)13940-1202265-9
B Nice BTX (Pattern)14260-1302345-9
B Nice BTX (Pattern)14570-1402375-9
B Nice BTX (Pattern)14890-1602385-9
B Nice BTX (Pattern)15190-1802405-9
B Nice BTX (Pattern)154100-2102455-9
Smart Mini Pickle PBTX10035-901922-6 (Youth Boots)
Smart Mini Pickle PBTX11040-1002102-6 (Youth Boots)
Smart Mini Pickle PBTX12045-1102132-6 (Youth Boots)
Smart Mini Pickle PBTX13050-1202302-6 (Youth Boots)