Von Zipper Goggle Lens Color / Tint Guide

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WildLife Lens

Through various processes of bad-light elimination, Von Zippper has constructed their E = VZ² Lens Technology, which properly absorbs and balances scattered light. These adjustments to your optical experience help retain the energy and clarity you need to enjoy the wilder things in life.

LensLens TintConditionsBest UsesVLT
*Image Coming Soon*WildLifeSunny / Bright Light
Partly Cloudy / Medium Light
A full spectrum lens focused on sunny to cloudy days.26%
*Image Coming Soon*WildLife Low LightPartly Cloudy / Medium Light
Cloudy / Low Light
A low light specific lens for those overcast, cloudy days.46%
Lens TintConditionsVisual Light TransmissionLens Category
Black ChromeSunny / Bright Light5%S4
Bronze ChromeSunny / Bright Light5%S4
BlackoutSunny / Bright Light6%S4
Bronze PolarSunny / Bright Light10%S4
Persimmon ChromeSunny / Bright Light12%S3
Amber ChromeSunny / Bright Light15%S3
Gold ChromeSunny / Bright Light20%S3
Copper ChromeSunny / Bright Light20%S3
Astro ChromeSunny / Bright Light21%S2
Quasar ChromeSunny / Bright Light23%S2
Fire ChromeSunny / Bright Light24%S2
Sky ChromeSunny / Bright Light24%S2
RosePartly Cloudy / Medium Light36%S2
Meteor ChromePartly Cloudy / Medium Light53%S1
Nightstalker BlueCloudy / Low Light54%S1
Clear Chrome OrangeCloudy / Low Light64%S1
Yellow ChromeCloudy / Low Light71%S1
YellowCloudy / Low Light72%S1

*VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the percentage of visible light allowed to pass through a lens. 

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