What other companies/brands are killing it right now?
I think sessions has some rad stuff, so does Moment Skis...Surface is blowing up.

Favorite color?

Most humorous name you've ever heard for a ski trick?
the nibbler: bitting the tips of your skis

Coming soon...

How did you hear about EVO?
through friends at Alpental

What inspires you?
those who continue to get after it no matter how many times they fall, those who find the positive in all situations, those who laugh at thier mistakes, and those who get creative with it!

What are your goals for this year?
My Goals: travel, ski a lot, live simply, and focus on love and gratitude.

What do you enjoy other than skiing?
I greatly enjoy traveling, trail running, triathlons, yoga, hangin out with my doggie, Baker! (the love of my life) foos ball!

Who are you currently sponsored by?
EVO, Alta, Surface, Dalbello Boots, Smith, Rime Knits beanies, Outdoor Technology, Saga Strafe.

Any shout-outs?
I'm stoked on Evo! I really respect the values they uphold with such a family style love! I'd like to thank my girl MOLLY HAWKINS for helping me get dialed.

Keepin' Up
You can keep up with Vanessa at, on twitter & instagram @vanessaaadland.