Spy Goggle Lens Color / Tint Guide

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Happy Lens™

SPY's Happy Lens™ is the only color and contrast enhancing lens designed to allow in the sun's "good" rays (long-wave blue light) while still blocking the "bad" rays (short-wave blue light and UV rays). Research indicates exposure through the eyes to these "good" rays brings about a number of positive psychological changes, including elevated mood and increased alertness.
LensLens TintConditionsVLT
Happy Green Spectra™Sunny / Bright Light12.09%
Happy Dark Blue Spectra™Sunny / Bright Light13.26%
Happy Black MirrorSunny / Bright Light15.2%
Happy Red Spectra™Sunny / Bright Light16.99%
  Happy Silver Mirror™Sunny / Bright Light16.99%
Happy BronzePartly Cloudy / Medium Light45.77%
Happy PersimmonPartly Cloudy / Medium Light49.40%

Standard Lens

LensLens TintConditionsVisual Light Transmission
Bronze w/ Red SpectraSunny / Bright Light22%
Bronze w/ Green SpectraSunny / Bright Light18.3%
Bronze w/ Gold MirrorSunny / Bright Light10%
Bronze w/ Silver MirrorSunny / Bright Light10.8%
BronzeSunny / Bright Light23%
Persimmon ContactPartly Cloudy / Medium Light
Cloudy / Low Light
PersimmonCloudy / Low Light70.8%
Pink ContactPartly Cloudy / Medium Light42.7%
Pink w/ Silver MirrorPartly Cloudy / Medium Light46.2%
PinkPartly Cloudy / Medium Light
Cloudy / Low Light
BluePartly Cloudy / Medium Light55.80%
Blue ContactPartly Cloudy / Medium Light42.7%
Yellow w/ Green SpectraCloudy / Low Light60.7%
Yellow ContactCloudy / Low Light86.6%
YellowCloudy / Low Light86.4%
Clear ContactCloudy / Low Light85%
ClearCloudy / Low Light92.5%

*VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the percentage of light allowed to pass through a lens. 

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