Scott Goggle Lens Color / Tint Guide

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Scott Ski Goggles - Chrome amplifier lensScott Ski Goggles - Amplifier lensScott Ski Goggles - Light amplifier lens
Scott Chrome amplifier lensScott Amplifier lensScott Light amplifier lens

The base tint of Scott Chrome Lenses is the Light Amplifier and it utilizes the same patented light transmission process as the exclusive Scott Amplifier Lens, offering incredible depth perception and three dimensional contrast.

This lens is available in the following 5 different chrome colours:
bronze chrome, red chrome, silver chrome, blue chrome - CATEGORY 2
yellow chrome - CATEGORY 1

The patented Scott Amplifier Lens increases clarity, contrast, and definition through a sophisticated light transmission process that matches the optimum absorption wavelengths of the eye.


The Scott Light Amplifier Lens has been optically engineered with the same patented light transmission process as the Amplifier Lens, in a lighter tint for true three-dimensional contrast on those ultra-low light storm days.


Scott Ski Goggles - Sky lensScott Ski Goggles - Yellow lens 
Scott Sky lensScott Yellow lens 

The Scott Sky Lens features a bright blue tint color which is ideal for ultra-low light and snowy days.


The Scott Yellow Lens features a bright yellow tint and performs exceptionally well for ultra-low light days and night riding.



Scott Ski Goggles - Venting:

Scott Ski Goggles - RAMScott Ski Goggles - ACSScott Ski Goggles - Perimeter ventilation
RAMACSPerimeter ventilation

Scott RAM [Revolutionary Air Management] directs airflow within the goggle utilizing a clean and controlled, top-to-bottom pattern, elimination "swirling air" and fogging.

Scott ACS [Air Control System] ventilation incorporates Lens Air Intake vents on the lens of the goggle, and Frame Air outtake vents on the bottom of the goggle, resulting in a sophisticated ventilation system that helps prevent condensation and fogging.

Perimeter ventilation consists of peripheral ventilation chambers that control airflow within the goggle frame to help prevent condensation and fogging.

Scott Ski Goggles - No FogScott Ski Goggles - Engineered spacer foam membrane 
No Fog
Anti-Fog lens treatment
Engineered spacer foam membrane 

A permanent, proprietary, lens treatment that prevents condensation and fogging.

Engineered spacer foam membranes separate dual lenses. This engineered membrane is designed to remain sealed under stress and protect dual lenses from opening or leaking moisture.


*VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the percentage of light allowed to pass through a lens. 

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