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Armada Pipe Cleaner Skis 2011

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Armada Pipe Cleaner Skis 2011: The Armada Pipe Cleaner Ski is a ski inspired by World Cup race stock and bred for Superpipes. Every component of the Pipe Cleaner, from the base to the top sheet, is the highest end available; it’s construction performance proven by Tanner, Jacob, and the rest of the Armada team.
The Positive Camber engages the tip and tail of the ski, enhancing ease of entry and exit into and out of a turn, while maintaining solid edge hold
Dimensions: Tip: 114mm (166) / 115mm (171) / 116mm (176) / 117mm (181)
Waist: 82mm (166) / 83mm (171) / 84mm (176) / 85mm (181)
Tail: 104mm (166) / 105mm (171) / 106mm (176) / 107mm (186)
ABS sidewall construction creates the highest performance skis Armada offers. Two strips of ABS material lie directly along-side the core and over the ski’s edges, providing unequaled edge hold, core protection, and stability. The Comp Series base is a World Cup inspired base that requires higher maintenance than the S7, the Comp series pays for the extra TLC it requires in one way: speed. A blend of Carbon/Kevlar stringers run along the tail of the skis to help stabilize it that creates a better landing platform, especially when your weight is further back than intended. It also increases snap and adds pop to ollies
The 2.5 impact edge has an oversized height and width and the steel is heat-treated to a proprietary hardness which helps resist breaking and tearing out from rails, ledges and any other abuse it might need.
The stiffer flex softens in the tip and tail giving these skis the ability to conquer the park, the mountain, and beyond. Meanwhile, the Double Zone core (two high density wood stringers that sit along ultralight wood) create a light core with pop and solid edge hold, while keeping swing and overall weight down. Bi-axial fiberglass runs in an “x” pattern down the ski to control lateral flex. Uni-directional fiberglass controls flex along the length of the ski. And tri-axial fiberglass, with fibers running in three directions, beefs up the center of the ski.
Flex Rating
Tip: 5.5, Waist: 7.5, Tail: 6.5 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff)
Binding Compatibility
Requires a binding brake width between 85mm and 95mm


  • Terrain: Park & Pipe
    Park & Pipe
    Park and pipe skis, often called freestyle skis, are for skiers who spend the majority of their time on jumps, rails, and jibs of all kinds. Traditionally park and pipe skis have narrower waists with full camber profiles, but this category is incorporating more rocker patterns and different shapes. You will almost always find these skis with twin tips as well as other park specific features like thicker, more durable edges, dense extruded bases, and butter zones.
  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
    The majority of skiers/snowboarders fall into this level, whether you like to carve on groomers or venture into the powder. These skis/snowboards may be somewhat wider than beginner-intermediate skis, usually with a stronger wood core and sandwich sidewall construction. Depending on the type of ski, intermediate-advanced level skis may have full camber, rocker, or some combination of the two.
  • Rocker Type: Camber
    Camber is the traditional profile for skis offering skiers lots of edge hold, especially on harder snow. A cambered ski has a smooth arch underfoot and contact points near the tip and tail when unweighted. Camber skis excel at carving on hard snow; you won’t ever see a ski racer on anything other than cambered skis.
  • Core/Laminates: Wood
  • Tail Type: Partial Twin Tip
    Partial Twin Tip
    Partial twin tip skis have a tail that is turned up, but not as much as the tip. This gives you the ability to ski backwards and back out of tight spaces, but these skis are mainly designed to ski forward.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Size (cm) 166 171 176 181
Tip Width (mm) 114 115 116 117
Waist Width (mm) 82 83 84 85
Tail Width (mm) 104 105 106 107
Turning Radius (m) 17.5 18.5 20 21.5
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