Ronix Phoenix Project S Wakeboard + Preston Bindings 2013

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The Ronix Phoenix Project S Wakeboard is a new spectrum of board designs and riding styles, allowing a rider to push all the way up the wake, and as the tail passes thruough the peak, it continues to build energy - not dampening the ride like most "flex" boards out there. Designed to session like your favorite snowboard, this board enables riders to time the wake with a later pop. Riders can feel the shift in board energy from nose to the tail more the longer they wait due to the lay up and wide stance option. The Phoenix Project "S" has a thinner profile and Ronix's diamond glass technology, so you can feel balance points while pressing rails, as the board flexes until it locks. The Phoenix Project "S" is pushing the lines of innovation for wakeboards, and can be seen being ridden by pro riders Erick Ruck, and Marc Rossiter.
Rocker Type
Blended Rocker - By blending the best of a 3-stage board together with the best of a continuously rockered board, Ronix has created a rocker line that's smooth and fast yet, still launches riders off of the wake.
Stored Energy - With Stored Energy a rider approaches and leaves the wake like a snowboarder does a kicker or a skateboarder does an ollie. This delay in energy means that the rider can create the full lift from the power building in the board. And if a rider doesn't have the snow/skate timing coming off the wake? No problem, the only consequence is a mellower lift off the wake.
Full center rail to create smooth transfers from edge to edge
A more vertical sidewall in the tip and tail so the board rides higher on the water and has more glide speed
Lightweight to increase swing speed and provide a better feel on the water
Monocoque - Romix wraps the glass around the core, from the bottom to the top, so the flash line becomes the strong point of the board - rather than the weak point. The result is a more durable construction and a torsionally stiffer ride.
Krypto Cable - Combined with Ronix's monocoque laminated glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board.
Mod Pour - A demanding alternative foam made from Ronix's exclusive blend of materials, this core has the highest strength to weight ratio Ronix has ever tested, setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam in the market.
Diamond Glass - Ronix's secret concoction rebounds more energy before releasing it for added pop and easier ollies. This woven laminate reduces swing weight and increases feel for the water.
Sintered Base - The most durable non-stick base material Ronix has ever tested on rails without loosing any glide speed on the water
Scratch-Off Base - Normal bases look worse when you hit the rails with them. This base has another graphic hidden underneath, so the more rails you hit, the more graphics you'll see.
Subtle Tunnel - For more efficient water flow and stabilized landings.
Utility Fins - These go-anywhere, do-anything fins are just as happy carving on glassy mornings as they are getting bashed on rails during afternoon cable park sessions.
4 fiberglass 1" ramp fins
Additional Features
M6 Metric Inserts - The Euros have it figured out. A higher thread count means more hold at a shallower depth, so now we can go to thinner profiled boards with a shorter insert without sacrificing boot lock down. The result is boards with more feel and contact on the water.


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Rocker Type: Three-Stage
  • Base Type: Slider/Grind Base
  • Fins: 4 fins
  • Athletes: Erik Ruck, Marc Rossiter
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Core Construction: Monocoque
Size (cm) 137 142
Rocker Size (in) 2.5 2.6
Rocker Size (cm) 6.35 6.6
Waist Width (in) 16.9 17.1
Waist Width (cm) 42.93 43.43
Rider Weight (lbs) up to 180 175+
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With hollowed ankle cavities and perforated liners, these luxurious boots may not seem like they have what it takes to make it in the big leagues. But don't let their comfort fool you, thanks to the J-Bars and single lasted mold, the heel hold on these water moccasins is so incredible Erik Ruck loosens up the upper cuff for exaggerated presses without sacrificing board control.
Articulating Cuff - The boot flexes with the rider without boot distortion.
6/10 Flex Rating - Perfect for those who like a little softer boot but still demand superior response and support
Single lasted with the lowest profile and compact last - eliminating excess material and hot spots
3-D molded tongue blends comfort and performance.
Built in J-bars improve heel hold.
Liner & Lacing
Double laces - A more customized fit
Low friction eyelets
New double X lacing - Improved wear resistance and tensile strength
Additional Features
Bamboo Fabric - Pandas will be jealous of Ronix's latest eco-friendly creation
Ridden by Erik Ruck and Marc Rossiter


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Binding Style: Closed Toe
  • Athletes: Erik Ruck and Marc Rossiter
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Size & Buying Guides- We're here to help! Still not sure about the fit and sizing for this product?
Call us at 1.866.386.1590