Ronix One ATR Wakeboard + One Bindings 2012

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Ronix has been making epic boards for tricksters since their inception. With the Ronix One ATR Edition Wakeboard, they set out to make a board that was devoted to a mellower shape with relaxed arcing transitions. Ronix decided to focus on three things, the first being a board that doesn’t feel as tight on the water. Second, Ronix recessed the fins inside of the channel for a looser feel. Finally, with the help of Parks Bonifay, Ronix built a smoother blend in the rails for more predictable edge transfer and finished off by creating a new style of rocker with the most glide speed. Ride longer with less effort and more speed on the Ronix One ATR.
Instant energy - The addition of a carbon inlay up the board to make it extra stiff. This allows a quicker way to generate lift off the transition as the energy takes place sooner, with a super firm snap off the wake.
Fused Foam - Combines Mod Pour foam along the outer rails for more contact while riding with Ronix’s new ultra weight machined foam in the center of the board for reduced swing weight and snappier lift off the wake. Tie that all together with carbon.
Rocker and Base Features
Late Rocker - An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc towards the tip/tail and a high degree provide a straighter up explosive pop. This creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake.
Sintered Base - The most durable base material tested on rails without loosing any glide speed on the water with a higher purity of a compound that preserves its bond over time.
Glide Speed - Designed with more water surface contact and less coefficient drag. Riders have less resistance, and travels up the wake with more forward momentum and lands with less impact. The lift comes from an easier release and added speed.
Rail blends to a sharper bevel and a vertical sidewall in the tip/tail creating additional contact with the water, a more predictable turn, riding higher on the water
Additional Features
Deeper side vents for fins – the best in traction with a looser feel and a quicker release
Thinner profile reduces swing weight
Four 1" detachable ramp fins
4 .8" Slider Fins - Designed to session on rails with a wider platform, flatter bottom surface, and durable construction


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Rocker Type: Three-Stage
  • Base Type: Slider/Grind Base
  • Fins: 4 fiberglass 1" fins, 4 fiberglass 0.8" slider fins
  • Warranty: 1 Year
    1 Year
    Please note that only items sold as new, blem or with damaged packaging are eligibile for the listed warranty.
Size (cm) 134 138 142 146
Rocker Size (in) 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5
Waist Width (in) 16.6 16.8 17 17
Rider Weight (lbs) up to 165 up to 180 170+ 175+
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The top of the line Ronix One Wakeboard Bindings feature the original heat formed custom orthotic boot that put Ronix on the map—redefining high-end signature footwear. Often imitated— never duplicated, the One Bindings are just stiff enough to have board response for a session of quick reacting soul turns with the mobility to tweak out tricks. With Eco Innovation, Ronix has eliminated the use of hazardous PVC solvents, instead using higher quality, sustainable materials.
Articulating cuff allows the boot to flex with the rider without any pressure points.
Built in J-bars improve heel hold.
Double Last Fit - Has been perfected over the years to guarantee the best fitting boots on the water. Low profile and compact lasts eliminate excess material and deliver optimal energy transfer between board and boot.
Liner & Lacing
Intution®+ Liner for a custom fit with more cush and less pack out
Low friction eyelets
Enduro Leather - Built to withstand the test of time; this new material is 4 times more abrasion resistant than traditional materials - applied on the tongue to prevent the laces from cutting and long term wear and tear.
Baseless hardware is Ronix’s original low profile design that delivers superior board control on an ultra-lightweight foundation.
Rad Foam for shock resistance
Double Stuff footbed is hard on the outside, soft on the inside allowing your foot to naturally cant inward without dictating a specific cant angle.
Feetbelts for the ultimate heel hold
Tool Less Mounting Hardware
Stiff enough to have board response for a session of quick reacting soul turns with the mobility to tweak out tricks.


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Binding Style: Closed Toe
Size & Buying Guides- We're here to help! Still not sure about the fit and sizing for this product?
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