Ronix District Wakeboard + District Bindings 2011

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Designed to be extremely predictable and versatile under any riding style, the Ronix District Wakeboard comes fully equipped with the Ronix tried and true specialty features. Designed by Mike Ferraro, a world renowned wakeboard coach responsible for coaching several past and current pro tour champions. Mike has taken his years of knowledge in riding styles, varying abilities, and board technologies and has blended all of it into one wakeboard with universal characteristics perfect for any rider looking to take his skills to the next level. Check out the Ronix District Wakeboard, a wakeboard referred to as Mike Ferraro’s best board created to date – and that’s saying something.
The Krypto Cable - is made up of different fibers brewed and woven together to make an unbeatably strong compound. This feature wraps around the profile of the board and fuses with Ronix’s unique Mod Pour Core and monocoque laminated glass making the sidewalls the strongest part of the board - not the weakest. This provides a ride not only with strength, but with proven flexibility. Your board will keep its intended rocker shape all the way through the wake, transition to the landing. You’ll feel the board under your feet like never before
Cable Speed Design, - most surface area and a sharper rail optimized for slower cable speeds
Rocker Type
Versatile Rocker - depending on how the rider edges into the wake it will feel like a smooth continuous with easy transitions and soft landings, or a 3 stage rocker with more upright pop
Sharper Center Rail - creates a quick edge transfer that is more reliable in choppier water conditions, blends to a more vertical sidewall in the tip/tail allowing the board to ride high in the water with more glide speed
Variable Bevel - rounder radius bevel on the inside of the riders stance blends to a sharp bevel on the outside for a clean progressive edge transfer and hold
Mod Pour - a performance alternative core made up from the minds of Ronix’s best. A Ronix exclusive concoction of carbon and atoms that have a higher strength to weight ratio providing a stronger, snappy board with less swing weight
2 Traction Channels - in the middle help with acceleration thru a turn and push the rider into the wake
4 Traction Channels - in the tip/tail create a more stable feel on landings
4 Flutes in the Tip and Tail - designed for a cable rider to aid traction of the fins with a cleaner lift with less pressure on air tricks allowing the board to flick out of the water and away easier
4 detachable 1.0” inch fiberglass fins
Additional Features
Designed, tested, approved Mike Ferraro, world renowned wakeboard coach and the guy on the dock who knows the most about fluid dynamics
Artwork – Screened UV Clear / pearl ink / retro TV emblem


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Rocker Type: Three-Stage Hybrid
  • Fins: 4 detachable 1.0” inch fiberglass fins
  • Core Construction: Mod Pour Core
Size (cm) 134 138 143
Rocker Size (in) 6.4 6.6 6.9
Waist Width (in) 43.7 44.2 44.7
Rider Weight (lbs) up to 185 165+ 180+
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An open toe creation combining the 3D molded tongue support and comfort of the Kai bindings liner, with a shell construction similar to Ronix’s new Divide bindings. Made from Ronix’s new high memory Stage 2 liner, with an even stronger molecular makeup keeping the binding’s intended shape. The revolutionary Ronix fit at a more affordable value now has new low friction easier to lace up eyelets.
Flex Rating - 6 (1 Softer/Mobility – 10 Stiffer/Responsive)
Feet Belts - Free from the outer shell, the feetbelt draws your foot into the heel pocket and holds it tight. No worries about comfort the feetbelt specialized material forms to the exact dimensions of your ankles – This is heel hold on a whole new level
Articulating Cuff - these bindings flexes with the rider without any pressure points
Open-toe design, let it flow
Designed with the everyday rider in mind
Liner & Lacing
Stage 2 Liner - Ronix exclusive, the best in non-heat moldable memory foam. This liner forms to your foot designed with improved comfort. Specially designed to keep its comfort season after season – yup this liner won’t pack-out on you
Built in J-bars, secure your heel hold
New low friction eyelets, be on the move, stay on the move
Pull tie laces - a customized comfort fit that keeps you on the go
Ronix’s Baseless System - This design makes Ronix bindings 1/3 lower in height and weight compared to standard wakeboard bindings offering lower swing weight and superior board control
Tool-less Hardware Adjuster - Throw away your screwdriver, all Ronix bindings come equipped with this tool-less adjuster to customize your fit on-the-fly
Super Rigid Chassis - mounts to the Ronix universal board 6”inch hole pattern reducing heel/toe lift and maximizing energy transfer
Additional Features
Eco-innovation - There is no use of standard PVC solvents which are potentially harmful to all things living – no bueno. Instead Ronix uses higher (but more expensive) quality materials that are easier on the environment making way for a greener tomorrow – ah yeah!
Flex and Features
Designed with the everyday rider in mind


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Binding Style: Open Toe
Size & Buying Guides- We're here to help! Still not sure about the fit and sizing for this product?
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