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About Orage

Freeskiing's original outerwear brand, Orage got its start in co-founder Evelyn Trempe’s parent’s basement. French for “Storm,” Orage came up just as freeskiing was getting started, becoming the go-to brand for the newschool movement thanks to a perfect blend of Montreal street style and snow-specific technical details. 25 years later and they’re still on the leading edge of that curve. Thy stand by their motto of “innovation through style,” constantly evolving their outerwear and apparel to keep pace with the latest trends and technical advances. From the thugged out B-Dog Jacket to the brand new Prime 30 collection, Orage always looks good.

25 Years of Orage, Skiing, Style and Innovation

Because of their strong focus on style, Orage has always threaded the needle between the practical and the aesthetic. Their new Prime 30 line pairs a highly technical Gelanots membrane with creative details like Screen Door Venting and a cutting edge fit, a perfect example of Orage's dedication to style and innovation in outerwear.

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