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Women's Oakley Clothing Size Chart

Women's Oakley Clothing Size Chart 

Women's Apparel and Technical Outerwear Size Chart 
 2X-Small / 00X-Small / 0-2Small / 4-6Medium / 6-8Large / 12-14X-Large / 16-18XX-Large / 20-22


30-31 inches32-33 inches34-35 inches26-37 inches39-40 inches42-43 inches44-45 inches 
76.25-78.75 cm81.25-83.75 cm86.5-89 cm91.5-94 cm99-101.5 cm106.75-109.25 cm111.75-114.25 cm


22-23 inches24-25 inches26-27 inches28-29 inches31-32 inches34-35 inches 36-37 inches
56-58.5 cm61-63.5 cm 66-68.5 cm 71-73.75 cm78.75-81.25 cm86.25-89 cm91.5-94 cm


33-34 inches35-36 inches37-38 inches39-40 inches42-43 inches45-46 inches47-48 inches
83-86.25 cm89-91.5 cm94-96.5 cm99-101.5 cm106.75-109.25 cm114.25-117 cm119.25-122 cm

Sleeve Length

30.5 inches31.25 inches32 inches32.75 inches33.5 inches34.25 inches35 inches
77.5 cm 79.5 cm81.25 cm83.25 cm85 cm87 cm89 cm


31 inches32 inches32 inches32 inches32 inches32 inches33 inches
78.75 cm81.25 cm81.25 cm81.25 cm81.25 cm81.25 cm85 cm