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Lib Tech Snowboard Size Chart

Lib Tech Snowboard Size Chart - 2016

BoardSize (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US)
Attack Banana151100+ 2477-9
Attack Banana153130+2517-9
Attack Banana156135+2537-9
Attack Banana159140+2559.5-11
Attack Banana161150+2589.5-11
Attack Banana Wide156135+26511.5+
Attack Banana Wide159145+26611.5+
Attack Banana Narrow161150+26811.5+
Attack Banana Continental153130+2517-9
Attack Banana Continental156135+2537-9
Attack Banana Continental 159135+2507-9
Banana Blaster (Youth)10035+1922-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)10540+2102-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)11040+2102-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)11545+2102-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)12045+2252-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)12550+2252-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)13050+2302-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)13555+2322-6 (Youth)
Banana Blaster (Youth)14055+2342-6 (Youth)
Banana Magic HP152110+2517-9
Banana Magic HP154115+2527-9
Banana Magic HP157120+2549.5-11
Banana Magic HP161135+2559.5-11
Banana Magic HP Wide158125+26411.5+
Banana Magic HP Wide162145+26511.5+
Birdman HP160120+2579.5-11
Birdman HP165140+2599.5-11
Birdman HP170150+26011.5+
Burtner Box Scratcher14370+245<7
Burtner Box Scratcher14785+2517-9
Burtner Box Scratcher15195+2527-9
Burtner Box Scratcher154110+2537-9
Burtner Box Scratcher157120+2559.5-11
Cygnus X-1157110+2537-9
Cygnus X-1161130+2569.5-11
Dark Knife HP155120+2497-9
Dark Knife HP158125+2517-9
Dark Knife HP161130+2527-9
Dark Knife HP164135+2579.5-11
Dark Knife HP Wide158140+26311.5+
Dark Knife HP Wide161140+26511.5+
Dark Knife HP Wide164145+26511.5+
DUH Speed Lever157.5120+2537-9
Wittlake FM15790+2579.5-11
Hot Knife 15070+2497-9
Hot Knife15390+2517-9
Hot Knife156100+2537-9
Hot Knife159110+2559.5-11
Hot Knife162120+2579.5-11
Hot Knife Mid Wide156100+26511.5+
Hot Knife Mid Wide159110+26611.5+
La Nina MC159130+2537-9
La Nina MC162140+2559.5-11
Lost Mayhem Rocket157.5140+26911.5+
Lost Round Nose Fish159140+26911.5+
Jamie Lynn Phoenix151110+2477-9 
Jamie Lynn Phoenix154120+2497-9
Jamie Lynn Phoenix157130+2517-9
Jamie Lynn Phoenix160140+2579.5-11
Jamie Lynn Phoenix Mid-Wide157130+2599.5-11
Phoenix Lando154120+2497-9
Phoenix Lando157130+2517-9
Phoenix Lando160140+2579.5-11
Phoenix Lando Mid-Wide157135+2599.5-11
Skate Banana Narrow14560+239<7
Skate Banana Narrow14860+242<7
Skate Banana Narrow15165+245<7
Skate Banana14960+2477-9
Skate Banana15265+2527-9
Skate Banana15470+2537-9
Skate Banana15675+2559.5-11
Skate Banana15980+2559.5-11
Skate Banana16295+2589.5-11
Skate Banana Wide15375+26111.5+
Skate Banana Wide15675+26511.5+
Skate Banana Wide15980+26511.5+
Skate Banana Wide16295+26711.5+
Skunk Ape HP Wide157140+26811.5+
Skunk Ape HP Wide161145+26811.5+
Skunk Ape HP Wide165145+26811.5+
Skunk Ape HP Wide169150+26811.5+
Skunk Ape HP Ultra Wide170160+28511.5+
Skunk Ape HP Split Wide169150+26811.5+
Skunk Ape Wide157140+26811.5+
Skunk Ape Wide161145+26811.5+
Skunk Ape Wide165145+26811.5+
Skunk Ape Wide169150+26811.5+
Skunk Ape Wide172160+26811.5+
Skunk Ape Wide180160+26811.5+
T. Rice Gold Member155110+2589.5-11
T. Rice Gold Member1591202589.5-11
T. Rice Gold Member163140+26411.5+
T. Rice Pro15080+2477-9
T. Rice Pro153100+2537-9
T. Rice Pro155110+2559.5-11
T. Rice Pro157120+2589.5-11
T. Rice Pro Wide157120+26311.5+
T. Rice Pro161.5130+26011.5+
T. Rice Pro Wide161.5130+26511.5+
T. Rice Pro164.5140+26211.5+
T. Rice Pro Wide164.5145+26711.5+
T. Rice Pro HP153100+2537-9
T. Rice Pro HP155110+2559.5-11
T. Rice Pro HP157120+2589.5-11
T. Rice Pro HP Wide157120+2639.5-11
T. Rice Pro HP 161.5130+26011.5+
T. Rice Pro HP Wide161.5130+26511.5+
T. Rice Pro HP164.5140+26211.5+
T. Rice Pro HP Wide164.5145+26711.5+
T. Rice Speedodeeps158110+2569.5-11
T. Rice Speedodeeps162125+26011.5+
T. Rice Speedodeeps166135+26011.5+
T. Rice Split HP161.5130+26011.5+
T. Rice Split HP164.5140+26211.5+
T. Rice T. Ripper (Youth)13655+2282-6 (Youth)
T. Rice T. Ripper (Youth)14165+2342-6 (Youth)
T. Rice T. Ripper (Youth)14670+2426-8 (Youth)
TRS Narrow14890+237<7
TRS Narrow151100+2477-9
TRS Stealth & Color154120+2537-9
TRS Stealth & Color157130+2537-9
TRS Stealth & Color159140+2537-9
TRS Stealth & Color162150+2569.5-11
TRS Stealth & Color165155+26311.5+
TRS Stealth & Color Mid-Wide157130+26011.5+
TRS Stealth & Color Mid-Wide159140+26011.5+
TRS HP154120+2537-9
TRS HP157130+2537-9
TRS HP159140+2537-9
Wingman Split HP165140+2599.5-11.5