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About Jiberish

Jib is the root of the name, and the root of the brand. Denver-based Jiberish was one of the first brands to come out of urban rail scene. In 2005, three friends in the Mile High City, Pete Drago, Dave Boger, and Gabe Anderson, started it as a hobby. They started making hoodies and jackets that spoke to their friends who were skiing park in the mountains of Summit County and beyond. Now, they’re in every facet of ski-related apparel and beyond, from hats, to outerwear, to skate decks. Jiberish doesn’t pick sides. They make clothes for people who live in the mountains and the city, like many of us here at evo.

Jiberish Grand Cru Collection

This winter, coming off of winning a bunch of local style awards in Denver, Jiberish went hard into the street wear game and refined their style a bit. Expect more in the way of sweaters and button-downs and baseball jerseys, and less oversized hoodies. Colors are more understated and the fit is a bit slimmer. As they say, sound the horns.

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