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Inland Surfer Wakesurf Size Chart - 2013

 ModelLength (in)Rider Weight (lbs)Rocker
 Red Rocket5'6"100-300 Rocket Rocker
 Blue Lake V25'4"100-250 Rocket Rocker
 Swallow V25'3"100-250 Rocket Rocker
 Tako5'0"70-250 Rocket Rocker
 Mucus4'11"100-250 Rocket Rocker
 Sweet Spot Pro4'8"100-250 Rocket Rocker
 Flyboy Big Boy4'6"150-250 3-Stage Rocker
 Flyboy James4'5"100-200 3-Stage Rocker
 Keenan Surf4'6"100-200 Rocket Rocker
 4Skim Squirt5'0"70-250 Rocket Rocker
 4Skim Black Pearl4'8"70-200 Rocket Rocker
 4Skim Keenan4'4"70-190 Rocket Rocker
 4Skim Sean4'2"70-180 Rocket Rocker
 4Skim Caro4'2"70-150 Rocket Rocker
 4Skim Ooze4'2"70-180 Rocket Rocker