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The Great Eight

1. Authenticity
We are a group of genuine, passionate people. We are true to the participation, progression and lifestyle of the sports and style we represent and at a deeper level we are committed to being ourselves.
2. Balanced Ambition
At evo, we are committed to balance. While extremely challenging, balancing professional ambitions and life outside of work is core to this company's success.
3. Credibility
We are working hard to earn respect from our core customer.
4. Style
We are dedicated to creatively exceeding our customer's and partner's expectations in a style that can only be called "evo style".
5. Leadership
At evo we lead by example, are not afraid to take risks and learn from our failures. We strive to be leaders as individuals and as a company to ultimately change things for the better.
6. Respect
evo is focused on being respectful to all individuals, the industries and communities we live and play in.
7. Communicación
evo promotes a culture of respectful communication throughout the company; communication is central to building and nurturing strong, trusting relationships. Communication is an obligation.
8. Evolución
There is always a better way of doing things and we are committed to continually finding ways to improve.

The Foundation

What/Who is evo?
What exactly does evo mean? You will probably get a number of different answers whether it comes from a customer, partner, or employee. However, evo's foundation is built on core values that should shine through regardless of the relation of the person associated with us.
From the beginning, evo has promoted the all-important balance between lifestyle and the workplace. In fact, working for evo is a lifestyle. It is being involved and promoting the progression of the sports we represent. It is being respectful to all individuals, the industry and community we are fortunate to live and work in. It is also about having a sense of humor and being able to laugh at our past mistakes and quirky individuality.

Working for evo is a morning session on the lake before putting in a hard day's work. It is also spending an extra hour with the local non-profit that won't necessarily ad to the bottom line. While we are a company that aggressively pursues new opportunities, evo's culture is about balanced ambition that will continue to reward well-rounded people as well as fuel a successful company.
Creatively Exceeding Expectations
evo is dedicated to creatively exceeding its customer and partner expectations. Every company vows to exceed expectations, but doing it with "evo style" means making a person stop and take note. It is doing things in a way that is not only unexpected, but creative to the point that it makes evo stand out from all other companies. Creatively exceeding expectations is taking off for a powder day to ski with a local rep and skydiving with the sales manager from the local wakeboard manufacturer. It means bending over backwards to not only maintain a solid relationship, but to nurture that relationship on all levels. evo is always thinking of new ways to add value and character to the evo experience.
Whether it is with a customer, business partner or fellow employee, communication is an obligation. Hoping an issue works itself out is not good enough. We all make mistakes and we know that without them, we will not grow and learn in the way that we should. Communicating at every level from the important to trivial issue is central to building and nurturing solid, trusting relationships.
Everyone at evo understands that there is always a better way to do it. 20 years down the road, after 1000 tweaks to the process, we know that there is still a better way. After getting 100% customer/partner satisfaction, we know that there is still a better way. We need to always focus on humility and we realize that we need to evolve as quickly as the sports we represent. We understand that no one is immune to stagnation and that we have to nurture and stimulate our young, creative, entrepreneurial spirit that makes us who we are.
evo will always strive to be the destination retail locations for those seeking the progressive sports we represent. Not only will evo be involved in the promotion of the sports, it will always be working hard to demand respect from the core customer. This customer spends a large part of his/her day thinking about the perfect drop, endless glass, deepest powder, best transition. The core customer shares the same passion for the sports that we do and is demanding of not only the product, but also the company that's selling it.