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How Jeans Fit - Denim Fit Guide

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We have one of the largest selections of Men's and Women's jeans and pants on the web, a super knowledgable staff and expert guides to help you make an informed decision.

Denim Fits

This fit provides an ultra-tight, form fitting cut that follows the curves of your figure. Generally, this cut is made with a higher stretch denim or spandex blend. These jeans will have a body-contouring fit that tapers to a tight calf and small leg opening of around 10-12 inches.

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This style of jean is fitted in all the right areas and loose in those that you want hidden. Cut to float over your figure with a 14-15 inch leg opening, the straight cut is simple and classic. A very versatile and good go-to jean, this fit will look good on many body shapes. 

Boot Cut / Flare
Boot cut and Flare jeans fit everybody’s shape well. They are slim fitting about the knee and begin to widen towards the hem, Flare jeans are the widest at the hem. The leg opening can be anywhere between 16 inches to 22 inches depending on the cut. This is a great go-to jean for anybody.


The perfect medium between skinny and relaxed fit, this cut is tight through the butt and thighs but tapers towards the ankle giving you a little extra leg room. The leg opening is generally 16 inches or less.  If you want to look fashion forward but still feel comfortable, this is your fit. 

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Regular Leg 
Regular leg jeans have a similar width from the knee to the leg opening hence the "straight" effect. They are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to go to the skinny jean extreme, but still want that stream lined effect. Cut to float over your build with a 16-17 inch leg opening, the straight cut is simple and classic. A very versatile and good go-to jean, this fit will look good on many body shapes.

These jeans are loose fitting and cut straight down from the waist. There is plenty of room for movement in this cut without being overly baggy. This fit is perfect for a guy who isn’t looking to show off his build. The leg opening will be around 17 inches or more.

You want classic? Chinos have been worn for nearly 200 years, but these are not an old man’s pants. Usually made of cotton twill, Chinos are designed to be hardwearing and have stretch for comfort. Ideally, Chinos will taper through the leg, and have a low rise and slimmer fit, which generally looks better on an athletic frame. The legs sometimes run long, and can be cuffed to show of them socks.

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Low Rise
- Low rise jeans sit a few inches below the belly button and fit snuggly to prevent exposing anything you might not want exposed.  This rise will hit you at your hips, not your natural waist. Low rise jeans are often better suited for a petite frame.

Medium Rise - Not to high, not to low, this cut is the perfect medium if you want a comfortable, go-to jean.  Make sure the height is right for you because mid-rise jeans can vary. These are good for any body shape.

High Rise - High rise jeans (often referred to as high waisted) generally hit you just below the belly button, resting closer to your natural waist. Don’t be fooled thinking these are mom or dad style jeans, high waisted denim is very trendy and is a good fit to show off your curves. 


Raw Denim - Most denim you find is 100% cotton. This will shrink depending on if the brand prewashes its denim; most do not. Make sure to buy a size to accommodate this.
Stretch Denim – Made from a blend of materials, often a spandex and cotton mix, this material will stretch and move with your body. Most retailers suggest purchasing a size that might seem a little small since the jean will loosen as you wear the pant.

Poly-Denim - A polyester/cotton blend makes the jean look a bit dressier and gives the jean a lightweight feel that is better for washing and drying.

Vintage Distressed – This wash is often used to give a faded, worn-in look while still keeping a rich blue color.

Dirty Distressed- Often faded to look worn-in, this denim is washed with a brown dye to make the jean have a “dirty” look.

Stonewash or Classic Wash – This stereotypical jean wash does not distort the color of the jeans.  It is done to increase the softness and flexibility of the fabric and may come in a variety of blue hues.

Unless the tag specifies alternative care instructions, we recommend washing your denim inside-out in cold water with like colors to avoid fading and color transfer. Hang dry to prevent shrinking and fabric break down.

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