All 2014 CWB and Proline Wake On Sale Now!All 2014 CWB and Proline Wake On Sale Now!

GNU Snowboard Size Chart - 2013

BoardSize (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)

Waist Width (mm) 

Boot Size
Altered Genetics C2155110-802517-9
Altered Genetics C2122130-2102537-9
Altered Genetics C2124140-2402577-9
Billy Goat C2BTX156130-2202487-9
Billy Goat C2BTX159140-2302507-9
Billy Goat C2BTX162150-2502529.5-11
Billy Goat C2BTX165150-2602557-9
Carbon Credit BTX14780-1502427-9
Carbon Credit BTX150115-1602457-9
Carbon Credit BTX153120-1652477-9
Carbon Credit BTX156125-1702527-9
Carbon Credit BTX159130-175+2559.5-11
Carbon Credit BTX - Wide156120-18526711.5+
Carbon Credit BTX - Wide159125-185+26711.5+
Carbon Credit BTX - Wide162130-190+26711.5+
Carbon Credit BTX - Wide165135-195+26711.5+
Danny Kass C2BTX 153110-1802527-9
Danny Kass C2BTX 155130-2102537-9
Danny Kass C2BTX 158140-2402609.5-11
Dirty Pillow BTX156110-2002577-9
Dirty Pillow BTX159 140-2502609.5-11
Dirty Pillow BTX162140-2602639.5-11
Forest Bailey Pickle15095-1452497-9
Forest Bailey Pickle153100-1502527-9
Forest Bailey Pickle156105-1552559.5-11
Metal Guru EC2152130-2102517-9
Metal Guru EC2155135-2202537-9
Metal Guru EC2158140-2302557-9
Metal Guru EC2162145-2402587-9
Park Pickle BTX14770-1502467-9
Park Pickle BTX15080-1602497-9
Park Pickle BTX15390-1702527-9
Park Pickle BTX156110-2002559.5-11
Park Pickle BTX159140-2502559.5-11
Park Pickle BTX - Wide156120-22026511.5+
Park Pickle BTX - Wide159150-27026511.5+
Rider's Choice C2BTX151.5 100-1702457-9
Rider's Choice C2BTX154.5 120-2002487-9
Rider's Choice C2BTX157.5 130-2102539.5-11
Rider's Choice C2BTX161.5 140-2402549.5-11
Rider's Choice C2BTX - Wide158 130-22026811.5+
Rider's Choice C2BTX - Wide162 140-25026811.5+
Rider's Choice C2BTX - Wide166 150-28026811.5+
Rider's Choice Pickle Tech151.5 110-160245 7-9
Rider's Choice Pickle Tech154.5120-2002487-9
Rider's Choice Pickle Tech157.5130-2102539.5-11
Rider's Choice Pickle Tech161.5 140-2402549.5-11
Street Series BTX14990-1602507-9
Street Series BTX152100-1802507-9
Street Series BTX154110-2002549.5-11
Street Series BTX157120-2202579.5-11