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Dragon Lens Tint Guide

Dragon Lens Tint Guide
TintDescription Light TransmissionConditions
BronzeImproves depth perception and contrast in variable light conditions. Good for use in water and snow sports.
12- 20%Medium to Bright light
Bronze PolarPolarized benefits also block horizontal light, absorbs reflected glare and enhances visual comfort for when brightness is intense.
13- 15%Medium to Bright light
Grey GradientUsed for more or less "fashion" purposes and for aesthetics.
15- 25%Medium light
Bronze GradientUsed for more or less "fashion" purposes and for aesthetics.
25- 30%Medium light
Rose GradientRose lenses are also considered to be most soothing and comfortable over long periods of time. 
15- 25%Medium light and Aesthetics
Ionized/ MIrroredNot recomended for low light conditions. General purpose lenses with added cosmetic appeal of mirrored coatings.11%All Conditions (especially very bright and sunny conditions)
GreyColors remain true with no distortion.
10- 15%Sunny
Grey PolarBlocks horizontal light and enhances visual comfort when brightness is intense. Combats 99% of reflected glare to provide peak visual performance and true color.
10- 12%Medium to Bright light
GreenContrast of objects is enhanced. Great for running, fishing, golf, and cycling.14%Low to Medium light
Green PolarSame advantages of of regular green lens with the added benefit of polarized lenses. Peak visual performance for fishing and watersports.
14%Low to Medium light
CopperA blue-light filtering lens that brings added contrast. Great for running, skiing, and cycling.15%All Conditions (especially low to medium light)
Copper PolarAll the advantages of a copper lens with the added benefit of a polarized lens. 
15%All Conditions