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CWB Wakeboard Size Chart - 2011

Current Year Size Chart

Men's CWB Wakeboard Size Chart - 2011

ModelLength (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Rocker TypeAbility Level
Absolute135Up to 160Subtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
Absolute141150 and upSubtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
Charger (Youth)119Up to 130Subtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
DB9138Up to 160ContinuousAdvanced - Expert
DB9144150 and upContinuousAdvanced - Expert
Faction138Up to 160ContinuousIntermediate - Advanced
Faction144150 and upContinuousIntermediate - Advanced
Faze134Up to 160Subtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Faze140150 and upSubtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Kink134Up to 155Subtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
Kink140145 and upSubtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
Kink146165 and upSubtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
Marius136Up to 160ContinuousAdvanced - Expert
Marius141150 and upContinuousAdvanced - Expert
Pure130Up to 155Subtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Pure134145 and upSubtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Pure141165 and upSubtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Transcend138Up to 160Subtle 3-StageAdvanced - Expert
Transcend142150 and upSubtle 3-StageAdvanced - Expert
Triax134Up to 160Subtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Triax140150 and upSubtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Triax141160 and upSubtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Sol141160 and upSubtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Surge (Youth)125Up to 130Subtle 3-StageBeginner - Intermediate
Vibe136Up to 155Subtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
Vibe14214Subtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
Vibe147165 and upSubtle 3-StageIntermediate - Advanced
xFaction138Up to 160ContinuousIntermediate - Advanced
xFaction144150 and upContinuousIntermediate - Advanced