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how did you come to work at evo?
would you believe me if i said that no one remembers anymore?

why the Northwest? why Seattle?
i heart the Northwest. oregon is really where i call home, but this washington state has some pretty rad spots too.

what's the best part about your job or working at evo?
the people.

what's your weapon of choice?
i choose to slaypow with a board.

why don't you cut your hair?
i do cut my hair. i do it myself so if i'm lazy i sometimes go for a few months or 10.

what brands/companies are killing it right now?
on the snow i like Lib, k2, union and burton. on the water i've got a slingshot set up. on the streets i like volcom and vans. my subaru outback gets me from A to B. when i'm hungry, the menu at the dock is pretty decent. when i'm thirsty, i'm happy to be in the NW where beverage options seem endless.

didn't evo have an old beat up black dodge pickup?
yes! and now i get to call that beat up old truck my own. i'm so blessed.