How did you come to work at evo?
Bryce and Shilo wanted to meet people who had worked at growing companies that had successfully retained their culture, values, focused on their customer, and stood for something beyond a transactional relationship in all they did. REI fell in that category of admired brands and organizations, and it's a place where I grew professionally and personally through the investment of mind, heart and time, and working with great people through many different challenges that face strong brands. As I talked with Bryce and Shilo and met several people at evo, it inspired me as an emerging brand that has a special place as a business and in our community and culture. When I got the invite to join the evo team it almost felt like "coming home". The analogy goes something like coming back to your home town - but after going away for college, having a couple of jobs, working through many of life's ups and downs, yet, still keeping your core self intact - just evolved. There’s a familiarity offset with a strong sense of new and different – the balance is awesome. In summary, what evo stands for in the industry, our customers, the community, the internal and external culture, its soul - which is a live reflection of the amazing people who are here- and the overall creative, beautiful complexity of evo is what drew me in. I'm excited to join in on the continued growth of evo, the industry, and being active in the overall lifestyle of sport, community and culture. Thanks for welcoming me; I'm super honored to be here. :)

Why is your picture so awesome?
This is one of the few pictures before I started manscaping my arms.

What's your favorite snack and comfort food?
I love dark chocolate...See's Dark Chocolate Butter is a fave when I want a special treat...I love grape Zotz...perfectly crunchy well salted potato chips...tasty cheese and crackers...and for comfort food, almost anything my mom makes and sans that, most stuff at Kona Kitchen! :)