How did you come to work at evo?
I was hired for holiday help. Came to store at a CRAZY time. But I'm just starting to get a feel for everything and i love it.

Favorite color?

Who am I?
Born and raised in the pacific northwest. I'm from Bainbridge Island and am currently a small freshman at UW. Studying to be a Public Health major!

Spare Time?
I do a lot of sleeping... when I'm not at work, studying or skiing. i've been getting into hiking recently also.

Favorite Place to shred?
Crystal Mountain! Been skiing there my whole life. Always finding new pow. Would love to be an instructor there.

Interesting Tib Bit:
I have been really fortunate and was able to travel to Kenya this last summer! It was a greaaaat experience and I got to see a Rhino.... WHA! also i love kids, preferably around the age of 5. They will do whatever you tell them to, and always love you! I coach soccer to kids from ages of 2-11. 2 year olds are crazy.

What would you say you need to work on?
My skiing! this new job has inspired me to really get out there and push myself!!

Favorite Food?
I am always down for a good burger. OR the fish burrito from Agua Verde. Best burritos ever.