How did you come to work at evo?
I was an intern here in the copy writing department. Then I worked really hard to be really annoying so they would have to hire me. Actually, there was an opening in the buying department and I was hired on as the Merchandising Assistant.

What's the best part about your job or working at evo?
The people and the products. Everyone at evo is really passionate about their jobs and is committed to evo as a company and as a lifestyle. Without great people, great companies can't live. And all of these great people work to make sure we carry the best products and the best prices. Duh.

Favorite Animal?
Hedgehogs. Mini pigs. Pitbulls. Octupi.

What is the deal with all the babies?
Seriously, I don't know. Maybe they are aliens taking over our planet. Most of them look like aliens.

Washington born and bred or an alien from another land?
I've been in Washington for almost 5 years. Before that was...Idaho, Florida, Canada, New Zealand, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, and California.