Seattle Bike Repair Service & Tunes

Seattle Bike Repair and Bike Tune up

About evo's Seattle Bike Repairs and Tune-ups: 

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If you are in the Seattle area you can bring your bike into our 
Seattle store to get it worked on. Below is a list of the services we offer and prices. Give us a call at 206.973.4470 or just stop on by with your gear. We usually turn bikes around super fast but depending on the time of year service levels fluctuate.

One of the most rewarding days I can remember is the day I took my training wheels off of my first bike and pedaled around on my own, a sensation of pure freedom. Most people can relate - their parents showed them how to get started on a crazy contraption with training wheels called a bicycle and from that day forward their lives changed. For many, biking is an everyday occurrence. Maybe it’s just for fun or transportation, or for others, a way of life.

Biking quickly becomes one of those skills you can spend your entire life pursuing, but can also be given a break and picked back up whenever the need arises (“it’s like riding a bike”). Here at evo, this passion runs deep in our blood and we want to share it with you. evo carries commuters and mountain bikes and we have a full service shop for bike repairs, bike tune-ups, bike assembly and more. And don’t worry, whether you’ve been riding for 20 years or are just starting out, we have experienced employees to help service any type of bike you bring in.


                                                                                                                                          -Kinsey Smith, Seattle Service Shop Supervisor


Bike Tunes:

Bike Tunes
Basic Tune $80.00 Adjust shifting, brakes, headset, bottom bracket and hubs, true wheels (lateral and dish), bolt/torque check "safety check", inflate tires, lube chain, clean bike (drive train cleaning not included)
Deluxe Tune $120.00 Adjust shifting, brakes, headset, bottom bracket and hubs, true wheel (lateral and dish), bolt/torque check "safety check,” inflate tires, clean bike, lube chain and grease parts as needed, full drive train cleaning.
Performance Tune $200.00 Full bike disassemble and full reassemble with grease and lube where needed, full drive train cleaning, wheels trued (lateral, dish and round), install new cables and housing, bolt/torque check "safety check," inflate tires, repacking of all applicable bearings, new parts get free install, suspension work and hydraulic brake bleeds may be additional labor.

Bike Assembly:

Bike Assembly
Out of the Box $80-120  
Pro Build  $150.00 *Downhill Bikes: $200.00
Box Bike $80.00  

Keep Your Bike Clean:

Bike Cleaning
Drive Train Cleaning $60.00 Remove drive train for major cleaning, reinstall and adjust drive train, lube and grease as needed, new cables and housing are extra (but a good time for this to happen).

Bike Repairs: Individual Repair (*parts not included)

Bike Repairs
Tire Tube: Flat Fix $15.00  
Tire Tube: Tire Install $15.00  
Tire Tube: Tubeless Install $30.00  
Brakes: Adjustment $20.00 Cables and housing.
Brakes: Install Rim Brake $30.00  
Brakes: Install Disc Brake $40.00  
Brakes: Install pad/rotor $20.00 Includes adjustment.
Brakes: Bleed $35.00  
Brakes: True Rotor $15.00  
Brakes: Line Cut & Bleed $40.00  
Suspension: Adjust Fork  $20.00  
Suspension: Adjust Rear Shock $20.00  
Suspension: Install Fork  $50.00  
Suspension: Install Rear Shock  $25.00  
Suspension: Swap Springs $25.00  
Suspension: New Bike Set Up $30.00  
Suspension: Cut Steer Tube $15.00  
Suspension: Rear Shock Overhaul  $40.00  
Suspension: Fork Overhaul  $80.00  
Suspension: DU Busing Replace  $20.00  
Derailleur: Adjustment $20.00 Cables and Housing Extra
Derailleur: Install Front $25.00  
Derailleur: Install Rear $30.00  
Cable Install $30.00  
Hanger Straighten $20.00  
Headset: Adjustment $15.00  
Headset: Install $40.00  
Headset: Overhaul $30.00  
Face Head Tube $30.00  
Crank: Install $40.00  
Crank and Bottom Bracket Install $50.00  
Chain Install $15.00 *Range
Cassette Install $20.00  
Chain Guide Install $45.00  
Wheel: True $20.00  
Wheel: True and Tension $40.00  
Wheel: Replace Spokes $35.00  
Wheel: Build $80.00  
Wheel: Tubeless Build $100.00  
Wheel: Replacement $120.00  
Wheel: Tubeless Replacement $100.00  
Hub: Adjustment $25.00  
Hub: Overhaul Front $35.00  
Hub: Overhaul Rear $55.00  
Chris King Overhaul $85.00  
Bottom Bracket: Adjustment $30.00  
Bottom Bracket: Install $40.00  
Bottom Bracket: Face $40.00  
Pedal Install $5.00  
Grip Install $5.00  
Bar Wrap Install $30.00  
Handle Bar Swap $30.00  
Stem Install $15.00  
Seat Install $5.00  
Fender Install $40.00 With fender eyelets on frame.


Hourly Shop Rate $80.00 Parts are extra on service work, prices may vary depending on bike condition, brand and model, if we are removing old parts there may be additional charges.