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The Artists of Snowboarding


Renan Ozturk

Renan is known around the world as an expedition climber, artist, and film maker. As one of The North Face athletes he has traveleld around the world filming and climbing in remote locations to bring his adventures to the attention of the public eye. Renan finds inspirations for his art in the mountains he has conquered and his visually stimulating paintings tell stories of the great triumph that take a unique perspective on portayal of mountain landscapes.

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Hannah Stoufer

Hannah is an illustrator and art director based in San Francisco, California. Born in Aspen, Colorado to wildlife documentarian Marty Stouffer and wife Diane, her upbringing was heavily influenced by the natural environment.  In her work, feminine decorative embellishments are counterbalanced by macabre motifs, the animal kingdom, and the never-ending pursuit of illustrating explosive emotional transcendence. Stouffer is best known for the incongruity of intricately executed imagery and shadowy and ethereal themes.

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Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto is an artist, illustrator and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. The artist’s distinct color palette, subject matter and technique resonate with a growing audience and bridge the gap between Pop Surrealism and graffiti. Inspired by youthful nostalgia, nature, graffiti, hip-hop and popular culture, his bold, representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating.

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Bruno 9Li

Bruno Novelli lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has a deep interest in Amazonian rituals, history of painting and experimentations with animated gifs. A tendency to create strange connections seems to be in the base of his creative process. In his works the spectator is confronted by metaphysical reflections and exquisite narratives that form a mixture of fiction and reality, beauty and grotesque, mundane and otherworldly.

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Dennis McNett

Dennis McNett was born in 1972 and grew up in Virginia Beach, VA. He moved to New York in 2001. He has been carving surly block prints for over 18 years. His encouragement as a kid came from his blind grandfather, who told him over and over again that his drawings were good. Later influences came from the raw high-energy imagery pouring out of the early 80's skateboard and punk rock scene.

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Adam Haynes

Born and raised of fine Central Oregon stock, artist Adam Haynes defines his vision of the world through the language of his surroundings—the vivid geography of the Cascade Range and the off-kilter character of its rural inhabitants. Adam’s pursuit of the creative craft started as a young boy in Camp Sherman, Oregon, where a lack of television and a plentitude of books inspired hours of drawing landscapes and scenes from his imagination. He grew up with a love for the outdoors—colossal trees, lazy rivers, and the snowbound mountains he was skiing by age four and snowboarding by thirteen.

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Bryan Iguchi

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Bryan "Guch" Iguchi blew up in on the snowboard scene in late 80's where he began his journey to the legend he is considered today in the snowboarding community. However, in 1991 tired of the park scene, he moved up to Jackson Hole, WY in search of something more. Finding peace in Jackson allowed Iguchi to focus on his love for both nature and art. Using natural wood canvases, Guch channels his art through the hydrological cycle. His simple landscapes show the naturalistic journey of water through mountain ecosystems, and give us a deeper appreciation for mountain culture.

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Jamie Lynn

Washington native Jamie Lynn grew up a punk rocker but soon found his place as a PNW snowboard legend.  Signed by Lib Tech back in the day, Jamie took the snowboard scene by storm. Takings his art to what he loves most, his first pro model featured his own design and still does today.  Lynn’s art features bold, smooth lines and cool, dark colors that eerily reflect his riding style. Famous for his blue nudes, sly cats, and smooth mountain landscapes, his art knows no boundaries.

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Mike Parillo Profile Images
Mike Parillo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Mike Parillo was an extremely talented snowboarder. Even though he was an admired rider, his love for painting decided his path in life. With no formal training, Parillo chose a route of trial by fire and self-education in painting technique. After years of refining his skills between LA and Prague, Parillo returned to Jackson, Wyoming to find a balance between his love for both art and snowboarding. Popular among the snowboard community, his psychedelic surrealism has been featured on countless snowboards throughout the years

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Andrew Schoultz

Sourcing inspiration from 15th Century German map making and Indian miniature paintings, Andrew Schoultz's frenetic imagery depicts an ephemeral history bound to repeat itself.  Themes of chaos and destruction caution current political and environmental climate, taking form in large-scale installations, murals, paintings, sculptures and works on paper. 

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Mark Kowalchuk

Mark Kowalchuk is a Calgary based artist that has a unique style to his illustrations. After creating some art for YES. rider and hip hop artist, Trouble Andrew, Kowalchuk met backcountry legend and founder of YES. Snowboards, David Carrier Porcheron. Impressed by Mark’s work, DCP commissioned him to do the graphics for the YES. Pick Your Line. Drawing inspiration from old school skate artist M.C. Eschers, Kowalchuk’s illustrations feature an aggressive and angsty vibe, contrasting the artist’s relaxed and laid back personality.

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Photo by Kelsey Foster

Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. She currently spends her days creating large-scale typographic installations in chalk, something that we like to dabble with over here at evo. Taking a messy, dusty utensil like chalk and turning it into a clean and seamless piece is what sets her apart from many other artists. 

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