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Lib Tech Snowboard Size Chart - 2013

BoardSize (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US)
Attack Banana153130+ 2517-9
Attack Banana156135+ 2537-9
Attack Banana159140+ 2559.5-11
Attack Banana161150+ 2589.5-11
Attack Banana Wide159145+ 26611.5+
Attack Banana Wide161150+ 26811.5+
Banana Magic BTX152110+ 2518.5-10.5
Banana Magic BTX154110+ 2528.5-10.5
Banana Magic BTX157120+ 2548.5-10.5
Banana Magic BTX161135+ 2558.5-10.5
Banana Magic BTX - Wide158120+ 26410.5+
Banana Magic BTX - Wide162145+ 26510.5+
Birdman BTX160120+2579.5-11
Birdman BTX170150+ 2609.5-11
Birdman BTX180150+ 26511.5+
Burtner's Box Scratcher14370+2458.5 or smaller
Burtner's Box Scratcher14785+ 2528.5-10.5
Burtner's Box Scratcher15195+ 2537-9
Burtner's Box Scratcher154110+ 2559.5-11
Burtner's Box Scratcher157120+ 2559.5-11
Cygnus X1-BTX157110+ 2538.5-10.5
Cygnus X1-BTX161125+ 2568.5-10.5
Dark Series C2BTX155110+ 2478.5-10.5
Dark Series C2BTX158125+ 2518.5-10.5
Dark Series C2BTX161130+ 2518.5-10.5
Dark Series C2BTX164135+ 2578.5-10.5
Dark Series C2BTX - Wide158140+ 26310.5+
Dark Series C2BTX - Wide161140+ 26310.5+
Dark Series C2BTX - Wide164145+ 26510.5+
La Nina MC C1BTX156120+ 2517-9
La Nina MC C1BTX159130+ 2537-9
La Nina MC C1BTX162140+ 2559.5-11
La Nina MC C1BTX164150+ 2559.5-11
Lib Ripper BTX10035+1922-6
Lib Ripper BTX11040+2102-6
Lib Ripper BTX12045+2252-6
Lib Ripper BTX13050+2302-6
Lib Ripper BTX14055+2352-6
Phoenix Classic JL C3 BTX160140+2579.5-11
Phoenix Classic JL C3 BTX - Wide157130+2519.5-11
Phoenix Jamie C2BTX151110+ 2477-9
Phoenix Jamie C2BTX154120+ 2497-9
Phoenix Jamie C2BTX157130+ 2517-9
Phoenix Jamie C2BTX160140+ 2578.5-10.5
Phoenix Jamie C2BTX - Wide157135+ 25910.5+
Phoenix Lando C2 BTX154120+2497-9
Phoenix Lando C2 BTX160140+2579.5-11
Phoenix Lando - Wide157135+ 25910.5+
Skate Banana BTX - Narrow 14860+* 2428.5 or smaller
Skate Banana BTX -  Narrow15165+* 2458.5 or smaller
Skate Banana BTX14560+*23985 or smaller
Skate Banana BTX14960+* 2478.5-10.5
Skate Banana BTX15265+* 2528.5-10.5
Skate Banana BTX15470+* 2538.5-10.5
Skate Banana BTX15675+ 2558.5-10.5
Skate Banana BTX15980+* 2558.5-10.5
Skate Banana BTX - Wide15375+* 26510.5+
Skate Banana BTX - Wide15685+* 26510.5+
Skate Banana BTX - Wide15990+* 26510.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX HP161145+ 26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX  HP165145+ 26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX HP169150+ 26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX157140+26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX161145+26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX165145+26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX169150+26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX172160+26810.5+
Skunk Apes C2BTX180160+26810.5+
Travis Rice C2BTX15080+2477-9
Travis Rice C2BTX153100+ 2538.5-10.5
Travis Rice C2BTX157120+ 2588.5-10.5
Travis Rice C2BTX161.5130+ 2609-11
Travis Rice C2BTX164.5140+ 26210.5+
Travis Rice C2BTX HP153100+2538.5-10.5
Travis Rice C2BTX HP157120+2588.5-10.5
Travis Rice C2BTX HP161.5130+2609-11
Travis Rice C2BTX HP164.5140+26210.5+
T. Rice Banana Hammock HP160100+ 3058.5-10.5+
T. Rice Banana Hammock HP164120+ 30510.5+
T. Rice C2BTX HP Split161.5130+ 2609.5-11
T. Rice C2BTX HP Split164.5140+ 26211.5+
Travis T-Ripper C2BTX13655+2282-6
Travis T-Ripper C2BTX14165+2342-6
Travis T-Ripper C2BTX14670+2426-8
TRS C2BTX154120+2537-9
TRS C2BTX157130+2537-9
TRS C2BTX159140+2537-9
TRS C2BTX162150+2569,5-11
TRS C2BTX167155+26310.5+
TRS C2BTX Narrow14890+2376-8
TRS C2BTX Narrow151100+2477-9
*Skate Banana fits a wide weight range of riders. The size that is best for you depends not just on your weight, but also on your riding style, ability, and the terrain where you ride.